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Steve Lobel takes that walk w/ Pistol Pete (Part 2)

 When he was at L.A.’s Powerhouse he got approached by Big U just to let him know his presence was back on the streets. He was dealing with a girl from his family members side and that’s where their friendship started. This is when he first got introduced to Nipsey Hussle and fell in love with his music. Every label turned him down because of his gang affiliation. Steve still had the passion to work with Nipsey because he believed in him.  He sacrificed finding love and spending time with his family to build is successful empire. Steve says he always keeps it real if you can do something for you he will if he can’t he won’t and he’ll let you know straight up. He only gets involved with things that he believes in. Pistol Pete gives Steve all his flowers because he help change Pete’s life for the better. 

 99% of the rappers are fake acting like gang members and wearing fake jewelry. Steve walks his own path and never allows anybody to get in his way. After being in the industry for 30 years he had never met Scott Storch. Steve started a podcast and starting interviewing all the music artists by pulling up on them. He ends up getting to do an interview with Scott through Raul from Terror Squad. The interview was soo good that Scott wanted Steve to manage him. He had the respect to call Scott’s old manager to let him know and dude ends up hanging up on him. The first year was horrible and nobody wanted to work him because he burnt a lot of bridges. He ends up meeting Wack100 and getting Game to do a record with Jeremih. 2nd year in, nobody still wants to work with Scott. He ends up doing records with A Boogie, Don Q and PNB Rock and gets plaques. The big moment was with Roddy Ricch and next thing you know he started banging out a bunch of hit records and now Scott is back in the game! They even opened a treatment center together. What a redemption!

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