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Steve Lobel takes that walk w/ Pistol Pete (Part 1)

Steve Lobel, the plug, access, the connect, the middleman from Queens. His dad and Russell Simmons were his mentor. From selling papers to bussing tables, Steve was a hustler early on. When he was 13, an unmarked car put him in handcuffs for armed robbery. He ended up in Spofford in the Bronx. He went to court, got out and ended being looked at as a disgrace to his family. People didn’t realize he got arrested for something he didn’t do. When he went to trail, the kid said he didn’t do it but the kid's father made him say he did it. It was a false arrest and he ended up suing the police and getting a settlement.

 He grew with all different races and cultures in his neighborhood and school. He was addicted to sugar so he could never sit in school, so his focus was just to continue to be a waiter and stack his money. The crazy thing is he ended up getting arrested again for an addiction for shop lifting. This was his first time in a holding cell and it scared him. Because he didn’t have a criminal past the case got settled. At the same time he grew up with Run DMC so he would go on tour with them. He ended up saving all his money and buying the bar he originally was a bus boy at. He would have soo many celebrities coming to his bar and restaurant. This is when one of his bartenders worked at Relatively and he ended up going to a meeting and meeting with Onyx and Jam Master Jay to see Alan Grunblatt and that’s when he fully got involved into the industry.

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