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Kaybe takes that walk w/ Pistol Pete

Coming from West L.A, Kaybe, ex Blood gang member of the Rolling 20’s was raised by his Grandmother and the homies of the hood. Starting at the age of 9, they robbed a lady for her change purse and that was his introduction of crime. At 12 he ended up going to Juvie for a gun and drugs. For the next several years he was going back and forth year to Juvie until he turned 16 and got tried as an adult for armed bank robbery. He was a hustler who could sell you anything but at 10 he was educated enough to sale dope. The bank robbery wasn’t his intention. He ended up meeting one of his homies and falling into it because the homey he brought with him really wanted to do it. It was a success BUT he ended up doing another one that didn’t succeed and he ended up getting caught. They gave him 5 years (he ended up only doing half) with 2 strikes and this is when his journey in real prison begins. 

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