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E.D.I. MEAN takes that walk w/ Pistol Pete

 Edi was friends with 2Pac since kids. He ended up pulling the Outlaws in with him. He went to Oakland in 92. Outlaws was about to sign at Interscope but Pac wanted to keep them with him at Death Row. Being a young black male, it’s almost evident to end up in the legal system. Right after Pac died he gotta gun charge in Atlanta. The manager at the Pizza Hut thought they were casing the place but they were waiting for the girls that worked there. Somebody called the cops and they got arrested.  2Pac mom bailed them out. It was a misdemeanor charge because Georgia laws are different. Most of his arrests were minor infractions. The Outlaws decided to go independent after Pac died. It wasn’t easy but they figured out a way to stay solid and stay on the grind. When Pac was locked at Clinton he would go visit him but every time it was a hassle because of the racist town the jail was in. He spent his 21st birthday seeing Pac.  

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