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Smoke takes that walk w/ Pistol Pete

Smoke, who’s from L.A., a friend of Nipsey Hussle and music artist under Big U has always been an outsider, he never felt like he fit in anywhere because he looked Mexican but he is actually half black and half white. Growing up in Crenshaw with a single parent his mom would send him to store with food stamps and he always regretted it. He wanted to pay with cash like everybody else. His mom is black and his dad is white so when he would go spend time with his dad he would bring his homies to go rob the white dudes in his dad's neighborhood. Being on welfare had an effect on him as a kid so this is when he had to take it to the streets to get that money. One time a dude snatched an 8th of weed out of his hand, he called the homies and went to this dude's house and they whopped his ass. He ended up only getting community service for the weed and this inspired him to rob even more but this is when his criminal activity took a turn for the worst. He ended up doing several stints in prison where he would get in several fights but also master a few hustles, all the way until it was time for him to come home.
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