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Lil Eazy takes that walk w/ Pistol Pete

 The son of Legendary NWA founder and businessman Eazy E. He does everything in his power to keep his dad's legacy alive. His dad signed JJ Fad and Bone Thugs N Harmony as well as financed the career of NWA. He lost his dad at 10 years old so at 11 he introduced him self to the streets. He was raised around Compton Crips. He put his self in problems with the street violence and the gang banging. He was brainwashed into the system from sorrow of losing his dad. He never got in trouble with drugs but he carried a gun and that’s where a lot of his issues came about. He wanted to protect his self. So at 16 he got caught with a gun, got some jail time and then at 21 he got caught with another gun. This time he’s in the county. By this time he’s known so he had to sit in a one man cell in PC until he got declassed. His first time he got put in the gang dorm he had to run a few fades because of him reppin' Neighborhood and people wanting to check his paperwork. 

He got roll called and then he got to go home. At 30 years old, he ended up going back for a year for white collar crime but he almost faced 3 years. He grew up feeling he had to go through the system to feel validated for the streets. He fought the case because he knew they wanted some money. He had to plead guilty for a violation. The county was some terrible shit. He saw people get stomped out. Having someone to tell you to bend over and cough is the worst shit he had to do as man in jail. The gang situation is real in jail so you have to rep your set but also stand your ground. That year was interesting because he saw Suge Knight in the same jail. Straight out of Compton was coming out the same day he was getting out. His pops died at 31 and he turned 31 when he was in there. Powerful!

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