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Big Sue talks that walk w/ Pistol Pete

Growing up in a Mexican family moving in to Long Beach in the 70’s was a culture shock going into a black hood but they were treated fairly. At 16 she got pregnant, got kicked out so she started hustling during the crack area in California. Her mom eventually helped her get her own apartment. She ended having two more children and was still hustling the whole time. Odd jobs just didn’t make ends meet. Hustling was more exciting. 

In 92 at 22 she ended up catching a case and built a whole new persona in jail. She had to go in there with a tough exterior. Then in 95 while hustling guns and crack, she was in a huge raid and caught her first official prison case. This is when the reality kicked in when she realzied she was being housed with murderers and child molesters. This is when she became Big Sue, did a few more years, started hustling herione in prison but never got caught. After coming home for a little over a year, she went back and forth to prison a few more times after that. This story is soo enlightening for women and there is soo much more to tell. Just please watch.
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