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Baldacci takes that walk w/ Pistol Pete

Growing up in South Central LA with no father around, Baldacci started getting to the streets young and at 13 ended up in the Juvenile System with 3 stolen vehicles in 1 day! He went back for strong arm robbery and after that stint he ended up going back 14. Being a part of the Florence Gang it was rough because nobody liked them. Either way he had to rep for his hood and his family and went back again at 16 and then again 18. Which took him to the State Pen. He ended up getting shot 5 times with an AK which put him in a Coma. A doctor from Brazil saved his life as he was rehabilitating. 7 months later he got caught with a gun while riding in the car with his homey and had to do time for that as well as 6 more years just for his throat tattoo that repped his gang. This was his first time actually going into the prison system with the Big Boys. The Feds! He had been in Riots with just about every race and gang while being locked up and these fights kept getting him even more time. When he finally felt like he had enough of this way of life, he started to get into his music career and work a legit job. This is a serious yard talk. Wow!

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