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Dame Grease joins Drink Champs

Dame Grease talks about working with Bad Boy first before doing the incredible song with the dope video “Get At Me Dog” for DMX. He met him in 95 through the Lox. X came with books of raps to Ruff Ryders studios where he came to spit beats for Dame. Dame was soo impressed that he asked him to re rap the verses to his beats and that’s when he knew he had something special. He was there when X got to audition for Lyor Cohen and it was his beats that he was rapping too. A lot of these stories Dame was not mentioned so it’s great to see him uncover these stories. 

He was born in the project of Bronx in High Bridge, the same place as Cardi B. and A. Boogie. He did records on Lox albums and Puff albums under Ruff Ryders management. When X 2nd album started coming the phone calls started slowing up and labels were telling him that he wasn’t making beats anymore which was a lie. This is when he started to realize it was time to be a an individual producer with no affiliations. Jay-Z also wanted to work with Dame Grease but his phone calls got rerouted. He did get to do the Big Spender record that had Freeway on it. He started to feel blackballed. His relationship with DMX was always intact so when X had a project going on like a movie score, Dame was always a part of it. When the …..And Then It Was X album came around, him and X was back rolling with the records.

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