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The Broad St Bully Vs Drink Champs

Beanie Sigel finally makes his way to sit down with DJ EFN and Nore after all the back and forth talk about them during a VERZUZ Battle. He says he really deals with Cam’ron . He talks about Jay-Z saying he’s not going to be responsible for Beanie'w wheres about when he was in court. Beans really felt like being signed to Rocafella that they really had him. He talks about his “leisure pleasure” of getting high off lean and how it originated in the streets of Philly where they would drink it raw. There’s a difference between family and relatives and when you’re on a mission everybody can’t go. Years later he talks about the mistakes he made and how he saw Jay-Z being on a mission and how he started separating himself from the rest of Rocafella.
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