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DeMar DeRozan enters Club Shay Shay

4 time NBA all star and FIBA Gold Medalist Demar Derozan has been still going to the gym even after the season being over. He’s been spending time with the family but also refocusing because he’s adamant on refining his body and eating a lot better to prepare his self for free agency. Going into his 13th season, he says it’s all about winning and being a part of a Championship bound franchise. He says it was tough leaving the Raptors to play with the Spurs but he has a lot of respect for the way Popovich coaches his team. He grew up watching 70’s and 80’s basketball and he feels that’s where his game is structured around. His biggest impression was Kobe Bryant and at 7 years old watching Kobe as a rookie he would copy everything he did on the court so that’s who he gravitated to later on. He had the opportunity to work with Kobe at 15 to 18 so when he made it to the NBA it felt surreal to finally play against him.  
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