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In The Trap w/ Karlous & T-Pain on the 85 South Show

They talk about how Hoes are important and how he managed to get it soo many remixes. Karlous talks about how T Pain’s music was the best Alley Oop to him getting women. T-Pain said he made some of his best music when he was drunk. He came up as a DJ so he knows what's was missing, he understands the tempo and what people will react to. Making hit music became second nature to him because he knew exactly the direction to go. T-Pain is really known on Twitch for having a great time making music and being himself. People want him to drop a text book on how to properly use auto-tune the right way but he had fun with the T-Pain app so that might never ever happen. He doesn’t like the fact that the urban music genre creates spots for artists to try to outdo each other. He said we should be celebrating each other. T-Pain says we all notice the young guys having money but it’s still not a lot of money when you see people like Elon Musk.
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