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Trinidad James joins Drink Champs

Being an immigrant from Trinidad and bouncing around from Florida, Canada, South Carolina, New York and Atlanta, he always knew he had star power and being a person of fashion and working in boutique clothes and sneakers stores, he would meet people from all walks of life while he was working on his music. It was never about music for him, it was more about survival. When “All Gold Everything” popped it really blew up and when the video dropped it really turned the music industry up! There was some controversy of his comparison look to Jerome from Martin which became like a gift and a curse when the media got ahold of it. The record got even bigger when T.I., Jeezy and 2 Chainz jumped on a remix which didn’t feature Trinidad James because in all honesty he never wanted to do it because he felt like the Atlanta OG’s were just riding his wave. Prior to that he had a lil rift with Tip and it just never rubbed him the right way. 

Def Jam never followed up with adding more marketing and promotion to his deal and records weren’t getting cleared so he knew he exit off the label was evident and he requested it. It took them 2 years to make that happen. On top of that the moment he tried to stand up for NY music artist for not getting played on New York radio got took out of context and people started to try to attack him. As the years passed on he kept his name out there by dropping records, doing features, writing and producing records for people all while producing shows with Revolt TV and Complex.

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