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Rachel Nichols wants All The Smoke

Growing up outside of Washington DC and being a Bullets fan. Shes attached to a team that doesn’t exist anymore. It was enough for her to know it’s something she wanted to do with sports. She had great journalism professors that wanted her to cover news. She stuck to her guns and always wanted to do it on sports and she covered the University Of Miami sports team. It was the education of a lifetime to prepare her for career. She’s not that glossy type woman that you usually see on TV so she always pushed to be herself on television mistakes or not. She wanted to work for the Washington Post after being inspired by Christine Brennan. She’s had second doubts a few times in her life if this was gonna be the career choose but she loves it soo much so this is the space that she wants to be. From covering hockey to covering baseball and golf but it was football and basketball is where her passion was at. So the more see covered the NBA and being in the mist of it, it really drew her in. She began to work harder for ESPN and putting all the leg work and showing up everyday made her one of the best covering basketball.   

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