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A Million Dollaz Worth Of Floyd Mayweather

It all started in MI for Floyd and having a team and a dream. His mother being on drugs and his dad getting shot plus being in and out of jail, it really took a toll on his life at a young age. He still beat all the odds. He always stayed in his own line and kept the focus on himself. He learned how to balance money on a small scale and he got into New York Real Estate. Al Haymon played the biggest part into getting Floyd in the right positions. From 6 figures to 9 figures he put him self in position to make the smart moves and invested his life away. Buying his self out of his Top Rank contract was the best decision of his life. That 750 thousand investment made him 750 million in 3 fights. When he retired from professional boxing, he signed over 200+ fighters under his brand. Opened up a ton of successful businesses. His key was to always right down all his goals and see them on paper. That way they can become manifested.

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