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A Million Dollaz Worth Of Young Dolph

Young Dolph's Grandmom put him on game early on in his life to not trust anybody and know how to move around. He couldn’t be a little kid, he was all about the hustle. To this day he uses everything his Grandmom taught him. It’s all about keeping shit together. He taught his self how to cut hair at 13. Dolph really had it hard growing up so as he got successful he never forgot about the struggle so this is why he gives back soo much. The independent game is about putting your money where your mouth is. It’s all about taking a chance. It could be a quarter million to a million to make it happen for just one song to really pop. He breaks down why he turned down the 22 million dollar joint venture deal. He already had a system in place and he didn’t wanna break that mold. Everything is driven by his fans. So he pays attention to his them and what they have to say about features and soo forth. He did a distribution deal with EMPIRE which he considers the best situation for an independent artist. He says that all the rappers jewelry looks alike so when he steps out he wants to make sure he has his own style from the gear to the diamonds. He talks about the success he’s garnered by investing in his artist, Key Glock. It’s all about putting in that work and not waiting around for somebody to put you on. Who end does it make sense on? Yours, mines or both? He says he expects people to try to angle their way into his situation but he keeps it real with whoever he comes across so if it doesn't make sense he won't fuck with it.

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