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A Million Dollaz Worth Of G Herbo

 G. Herbo says he doesn’t want to hide things from his son. He’s always gonna be in control of the environment but he feels everything is actually knowledge. He respects the relationship Gillie has with his sons. His father has been in his life all his life but he wasn’t comfortable with telling him certain things growing up. As a kid he was into karate and made it to a Yellow Belt.  He bought a school through solid people around him. He says they keep the gym open so the kids can stay off the street. Gillie speaks on the influence Chicago had on the music industry and Herbo says he didn’t even realize it when he was younger. He said the world embraced them more than he feel like they personally embraced themselves. He feels like Akademiks was the first person to know almost everything about Chicago. He says there's a street and a sidewalk for a reason. Stay in your lane. He says people from Chicago embrace Chance The Rapper because he is being himself and they respect that. Everybody doesn’t need a gun if you’re not really dealing with the streets. Even though he is from the streets, Herbo has shown a lot of growth and maturity. 

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