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The Chairman Fred Hampton Jr sits w/ 85 South

The Chairman Fred Hampton Jr sits down with DC and Karlous to talk about how the movie 'Judas and The Black Messiah' came about and how many scripts, producers and directors it took to finally get the movie that's out now. There were soo many people coming to his family to do the movie but no one was trying to tell it from the perspective that was respectable to his father and how raw and honest the story was. Most people don't even know about his father Chairman, Fred Hampton Sr., who was only 21 when he got assassinated by the government through the Chicago police force because of the strength and power of his words. He is part of the Black Panther Cubs a newer division of the Black Panthers and he continues his father's legacy. He breaks down the power of the past black leaders and how it had a big impact on his life. Soo much great information you may have to watch this a few times.

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