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Hotboxin w/ Dana White

Dana White is the Mastermind behind the UFC. He says his company has been doing well during the pandemic because they follow all protocols. He talks about a bunch of upcoming matches and ones he wants to personally see. He laughs at the fact that Jake Paul is boxing a past wrestler that he’s worked with and wants to bet a million that Jake will lose. Zab tells him to not underestimate Jake because he can really fight. They get into the Zhang Weili vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk fight and how it left a huge lump on Joanna's head. Dana says the women fights are some of the best. It's like they have something to prove in a male dominated sport. If he had to pick a fighter that he gets the most excited about it would have to be Conor McGregor because of how the world stops when his fights get announced. He says he’s also trying to talk Khabib out of retiring, which is something he never does. 

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