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Hotboxin w/ Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alaverz defeated Avni Yildirim in the 3rd in a super middleweight title fight on February 27th. He says it was a mandatory fight for him but Tyson feels his opponent was only in it for a payday. He says he wants to fight at 168. He’s ready for the best fighter. It’s a rarity for a Mexican champion to be at his weight class. He’s smart with his money and he’s investing but his love and priority is boxing. He wants to fight for the next 7 years. He admired his older brother but he saw fights of Gilberto Romàn, Julio César Chàvez and Jose Mantequilla Napoles. He learned his left hook special in the gym with Eddy Renoso, his trainer. When he fought Chàvez Jr, it felt like Mexico was siding with him the whole ride even though they both were countryman. Eddy says he saw something special in Canelo at 13/14 because he had the knockout power and a distinctive look as a fighter. He feels his best fight was with Miguel Cotto. That was the moment he felt like a warrior, a world champion. A Mexican defeating a Puerto Rican.

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