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A Million Dollaz Worth Of Polo G

Polo G from Chicago is another dope street rapper that has a crazy buzz on the internet. There’s a lot of bad light on his city and he feels the media talking about it is really disrespectful because they are painting the city as a dangerous place. He uses his music as a coping mechanism for his anxiety. As a kid he was never really an out going person but his love for music and appreciating his fans makes him break out of his shell. He says he’s always weary about who he’s rocking with. He was really good friends with Juice World and he really started paying attention to 2Pac and how outspoken he was. He even redid his Changes song. Being in the streets it was always a fear of not making it. He talks about how the Chicago sound has now become a big influence on the culture and now he feels like how can he turn that into a positive. 

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