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A Million Dollaz Worth Of Jadakiss

 The D Block Boss, 1/3 of The Lox, Mr Top 5 Dead Or Alive, Jadakiss talks about staying relevant after 20 years. Kiss says it goes off relationships. Gillie and Wallo connected him with Flex and they made a dope record together. Kiss has always been damn near everybody’s favorite on top of always showing love to the new dudes coming in. He says his infamous rap battle with Beans really hurt him because they had just recorded Reservoir Dogs prior. Coming from under the Dee and Wash umbrella really solidified Kiss in the streets. He says his two favorite Tours was the No Way Out and the Ruff Ryders/Cash Money runs. Kiss says you’re gonna mess some money up coming into the game but learn how to prioritize. He says the pandemic he lost some money but he also found ways to get some of it back. He says he noticed a lot of people that were flexing before the pandemic, he really didn’t see them online doing all that flexing. 

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