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A Million Dollaz Worth Of DJ Drama

DJ Drama of the Gangsta Grillz fame talks about how he’s from Philly but gets embraced in Atlanta like he’s one of their own. Drama said it was important for him to put on for the city of Philly when he linked with Gillie to do a mixtape. The problem was Gillie had a hot record off the infamous Cannon beat that was dissing Lil Wayne. Drama had to put a pause on co-signing the mixtape because of his relationship with Wayne. Drama signed an artists by the name of Willie Da Kid and that really disdained his relationship with Gill. They didn’t drop the tape until years later. They speak on Lil Uzi Vert being DJ BUZZWORTHY and DJ Diamond Kuts artists and Drama and Cannon ending up taking him away from them. Come to find out Uzi was the one that wanted to go to Atlanta and work with Drama because Uzi allegedly had a fallout with Diamond Kuts. Drama didn’t let it really go public because he felt his back was against the wall. Later on, Drama and Uzi had a lil spat as well because Uzi felt like he wasn’t getting promoted right. Drama said he wasn’t holding up Uzi Vert and he thinks it was just all a marketing ploy. They break down Drama’s, DJ Mt Rushmore as well at his Top 5 Gangsta Grillz tapes. They talk about the time his studio got raided for selling mixtapes. He was making like 60 to 80 thousand a month. Music Piracy was really big at that time so they wanted to shut Drama down because he had soo much exclusive music and the industry on fire. At that time the impact of the Gangsta Grillz mixtape series was just that powerful!

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