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We spotted AP at Club Shay Shay

 14 years in the NFL, AP says taking care of his body really has paid dividends. He wants to play this game to the point he can retire on his own. He use to train 5 hours a day but as he got older he had to cut back a little. The Nick name all day came from his burst of energy in and odd the field. He just wants the opportunity to chance a championship at this point in his career.  He also has a goal to pass Emmitt Smith as one of the greatest running backs ever. He says you get out what you put in and when this new season comes around he’s gonna go out there with a better mind set than the past few years. Missing 30 games in his prime after being suspended for matters off the field still sticks in the back of his mind so he feels he is as focused as ever to try to make up for that mishap. He always knew he wanted to play football  because he always had athletic talent. Both his parents were into sports from track and field to basketball so it was already embedded in him.  He felt that he could come straight out of high school if he had the chance to. Whenever he would sit down with a coach he always asked to be put in position to compete for the starting job. To this day he still feels he got robbed for the Heisman Trophy. 

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