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Sheryl Swoopes wants All The Smoke

Women's Basketball Hall of Famer, Sheryl Swoopes is a 3 time MVP, 4 time WNBA champion with the Houston Comets and 3 time Olympic Gold Medalist. She says life is too short. Make sure you spend time with those you love. She was an Head Coach at college schools and found out that it’s not her space. She feels today’s upcoming basketball players have a sense of entitlement which makes it difficult to coach them.  As player it didn’t matter if you were a male or female coach, if you had to put the pressure on her to do better, she was all for it. Something she feels todays players don't respect that. Raised by a single mom in Texas, her childhood was tough and she met her dad for the first time at 30 years old. She saw her mother work hard all her life and this is something she carried on as she grew up. Sports was really huge in her life. Living with a strict mom, she could only leave the house if she was going to play basketball with her 2 older brothers. Playing sports helped her with her self confidence and self esteem. She knew at the age of 7 that basketball would change her life and make her the legend she is today. Watching Michael Jordan’s killer instinct inspired her to be just as vicious on the court and she has the accolades to prove it. The very first female to be signed to the WNBA, she was the face of the women's league early on and has inspired soo many women coming into the league. She is currently working for Nike. 

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