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Mike and Cesar Hotbox at the Paradise Ranch

When Cesar Millan came to America his outlook was different than he expected. He grew a strong connection with dogs. Growing up he wanted to be a vet but financially he didn’t have the money for the schooling so he had to create his own profession. He was able to understand who he was in America. From being homeless, to learning English to writing books, Cesar had a vision that would turn him to the Dog Whisperer. He started his dog psychology center in Long Beach. Walking and training dogs was all he knew. He noticed how much Americans loved dogs but they didn’t understand the dynamics of them. Dogs recognize energy and you can create a dog to whatever behavior you want aslong as they can trust you. You have to give a dog a job so they feel they have a purpose. They talk about how a puppy of Tibetan Mastiff decent was worth a million dollars. Cesar says there is truly an order and a formula to train your dog so he's training people to rehabilitate dogs to have profound loyalty and love to their owner. He feels this calling was truly a spiritual mission for him.

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