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Joe Johnson is w/ All The Smoke

 Joe says he cherish the things that he has and enjoys spending time his kids as well as being in the gym. He says Lamelo Ball has been everything he thought he would be. Playing with confidence is everything and he has it. Joe is an only child with his mother. He didn’t grow up close niche with his father so he saw his mom work extra hard to keep things steady. At the age of 8 he fell in love with basketball and he knew he would never let it go. There were no other sports that interest him. Looking up to Michael Jordan, Penny Hardaway and Kobe Bryant who’s the one who made him feel it was possible, is how he develop the confidence in his game. He enjoyed the whole NBA draft process. He use to strictly play point guard and then he had a growth spurt and his game developed even more. Going in to college he had everybody trying to recruit him but he wanted to be a Razorback. The NCAA tournament was a lot of fun for him. He knew his dreams was right in front of him, it was a scary moment to tell his coach but after two years of college he knew was bound for the NBA. So in 2001 as the 10th pick he joins the Celtics and that’s when his professional basketball career begins. 

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