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Saquon Barkley enters the Hotbox

Barry Sanders is Saquon’s favorite running back even though most consider Walter Payton the greatest of all time. He’s big on having conversations with himself and talking things into existence on his path to be one of the greatest running backs. He says his injury was very humbling and it’s been tough. Inspired by Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, he keeps that mental part of his game intact. Mike tells him to keep his confidence. He says he's all about visualization things ever since high school. If there was ever a time that he wanted to quit, he had a father that wouldn’t let him. He feels he’s not where he wants to be but he’s confident enough on his journey. He’s all about paying homage to the greats before him and studies them to better his game. He tore his ACL, MCL and meniscus and he had a chance to talk to Adrian Peterson’s trainer for some advice and he’s been working towards rehabbing mentality and physically. He doesn’t need other people’s energy to feed him anymore. He feels his injury was like Karma for him trying to shut people up that was talking crap about him. Still considered one of the best new running backs in the NFL, this is just a minor setback for a major comeback.
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