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Hip Hip Uncovered joins Drink Champs

The stars of Hip Hip Uncovered gives us a few behind the scenes stories from their docu-series. You get the growth of Big U from being the head of the 60's Crips to working with Suge and discovering Nipsey Hussle. Hear the true story of Haitian Jack from the OG himself. Did you know that Deb and Bimmy were brothers and sisters? How about them both being tied to the streets or better yet behind the careers of some of the biggest artists in the music industry. Did you know that Trick Trick was inspired by the Atlanta Freaknik to start doing music, his huge co-sign by Eminem but more importantly the creator of the 'No Fly Zone'? From the Supreme Team, Tupac Shakur, Nikki Minaj, LL Cool J and soo many more, these taste makers from the streets gives us some details into a bunch of myths, lies, miss-steps and achievements that we all heard rumors about.
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