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Flex, Wallo and Gillie give up a bunch of Game

From the viral attention that Gillie’s live w/ Funk Flex garnered, they put him on the spot about it. The conversation between Drake and Jay-Z came up on who’s the best and who has the culture. He said there was never a real beef with him and Clue. So he’s giving him his flowers. He talks about his bad days on the radio, in the club, bad singles and bad past albums. He says radio doesn’t break you as an artist, radio only makes you a superstar. His advice to the veteran music artists is to pay attention to the younger artists. They debate his Top 25 living lyrical MC list. He says likes to see the build up success of new artists. He says he had nothing to do with the guys who on ran up on Charlamagne when they had their radio beef. Flex talks about his lypo surgery and why he did it. He breaks down life as a Radio DJ and what it takes to operate in that space while also maintaining a strong social media presence. He said the young guys are controlling the game and the older guys haven’t adapt to the new wave so that’s why there’s a disdain there. We just think they are hatin'.

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