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Flesh N Bone takes that walk w/ Pistol Pete

 Flesh has been home about 11 years and ended up going back on a violation for a few months. He's working on a memoir so he’s not gonna give too much but coming up out of the ghetto after setting fire to his Grandmom’s house was an indication of his early troubles. Layzie Bone is his real younger brother. Coming up in Cleveland, with a mom struggling on public assistance he always had a dream to become rich and famous. As a kid he linked with Krayzie Bone as a beat boxer in their first group called the Band-Aid Boys. He was a academic and athletic kid in school.  He grew up listing to Run DMC and other groups of that era and started out singing like Bell Biv Devoe. He started really taking it serious around Junior High School. At 17 he got caught with some dope and this change his life. He ended up running to the West Coast. He was out there hustling and rapping under the name BD Rock. It was soo popping on the West Coast he called his brother and his crew to come out there. When the crew met Eazy, this is when the group blew up. During the height of the groups success he got caught up with Angel Dust and heavy drinking and it really fucked up his life. This is when the trouble started. He kept getting arrested and violating probations for drama and for brandishing a firearm and his final time in jail he finally had to sit down for a nice stretch and this and when he was able to kick the drug habit. 

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