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Doc Rivers is w/ All The Smoke

Doc talks about how strange it is traveling with the Sixers during the pandemic. He says they never leave the hotel and are usually the only ones in the hotel. Doc was gonna take a year off before he got the Sixers job after 20 years in the league. He said with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons he realized that these guys just needed a change of culture. The administration allowed him to do it and this is when he was able to teach the guys what winning was all about. He felt like his 2008 Champion Celtics team were ready and it showed. With his time at the Clippers he felt the talent was there but as a group the guys didn’t seem like they wanted to be a team and win together. He says his 76ers team hasn’t really won yet and the guys being soo young there is still a lot of time for improvement.

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