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Devin Haney jumps into the Hotbox w/ Mike Tyson

Devin Haney says he’s calling for all the big fights. He feels he is the most feared in boxing. Everybody is talking shit but don’t wanna fight. It’s all about Devin defining his legacy. He mentions Lopez, Garcia and Davis as potential fights. He’s chasing after all the belts. They talk about the Lomachenko fight not happening after they made him the Franchise Champion. Mike says it’s not about age, it’s about desire. A lot of the fighters he feel are ducking him so they can hold on to their belts. Devin is a clean fighter so he’s not gonna let him self get hit just to please the audience. Dev says what separates him from the rest is that his smart and he keeps himself around the best. He literally manifested everything he has now. Mike says boxing is a art and it takes discipline. Devin is the youngest champion since Mike Tyson.
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