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A Million Dollaz Worth of Pooh Shiesty

 Managed by his Dad, Pooh Shiesty is signed w/ 1017 which is Gucci Mane's label. Even though he’s from the streets it's good to see his father is in his life. Gillie's daughter was the one to put them onto him and after listening to his music, they knew he was the next on the come up. Wallo267 goes into a moment of realness to let Pooh know with all this stardom comes the dumb shit so he just wants him to stay focused. At 3 in the morning, he looks at his phone and it’s Gucci Mane texting him to let him know he’s rocking with his music. After a 5 hour FaceTime call, the deal was on the table. Pooh says Gucci is a genius and predicted everything that’s happening for him now. Meek Mill was someone that he use to watch on YouTube so it’s dope to know that Meek fucked with his music as well. Lil Wayne was one of his biggest inspirations when he was coming up. There were times when he was ready to stop rapping and just fuck with the streets but the people around him told him not to. 

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