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A Million Dollaz Worth Of DAME

Damian Lillard talks about having a chip on his shoulder not coming out of high school. He was playing in all the Oakland athletic leagues but politics played a big part of it. He went to Weber State and shined enough to get drafted. He says while he’s in the NBA, he’s gonna keep reminding the world how great a player he is. He carries his hometown of Oakland on his back, no literally. His jersey number is a 0 that can also be looked at as the letter O.  He says no player has actually gave him a hard time. Every player has their moment but nobody is gonna consistently get the best of him.  Russ is the one player he always bumps head with on the court even though they are cool off the court. Pat Beverly is the one player that challenges him and it keeps him on his toes. He said the Paul George situation wasn’t really that big. He breaks down his amazing shot and bye bye wave in the OKC series. He said he would never go to another team to form a Super team but he doesn't mind welcoming players to the Blazers if they want to come play with him. He says he feels he can win a championship but if he doesn't that's not the tell all be all for him. He feels his legacy in the NBA is cemented.
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