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Positive Weed Talk w/ T.I. and Al Harrington

 When a Ball Player and A Rapper have talks about the financial success and health benefits of cannabis, you know the conversation is going to be good. Viola Inc. is inspired by AL's grandmom, which is named after her. Seeing tons of people being locked up for weed, AL thought weed was the worst thing to be associated with. As a rookie, AL would see his veteran players smoking weed. The NBA has now allowed the use of cannabis, for medicinal purposes and it has had a success. His first time smoking, his experiences wasn't good. What sparked his interest in getting in to the business is when he saw all the pills his grandmom was taking. Her glaucoma is was what lit the flame and convinced her to try it after reading about the health benefits and it worked. Now it was time for Al to invest into it for the future. 

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