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Warren Sapp tackles w/ defense at Club Shay Shay

Shannon let’s off all of Sapps accolades and he goes crazy from all the love. Lol! They talk about how much Sapp enjoys fishing. Sapp believes that the Bucs (his past team) and the Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl right in his hometown of Tampa Bay, Florida. They talk about why the football scores are so high for the fact that you can’t hurt the quarterback. The new NFL rules protects them. They talk about how special Patrick Mahomes is. Sapp was raised by 5 strong black women in the south. So the responsibilities was on front and center. He always loved football even as a kid, growing up at a Cowboys fan in the 70’s. Warren actually played basketball and had a 1000 points and a 1000 rebounds and won a dunk contest his rookie year in college. From the University of Miami to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to closing out his time has a football player with the Raiders, Sapp has had an illustrious career.

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