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Uncle Murda joins the Drink Champs

With DJ EFN, Nore says that Uncle Murda took Mad Skillz Rap Up, but Murda said he’s from Brooklyn and that’s the mentality. The streets was catching up to him so he had to do something to get his buzz up and this started when he started dissing rappers. People reached out to him to do a collab with him but Skillz felt Murda was just too disrespectful for him to be comfortable with doing that. He said he was mad at Pharrell for saying he would snitch so that’s how his name got mentioned in the Rap Up. Meek felt some type of way when Murda dissed Slow from a previous Rap Up so they had to clear the air on that. Murda said he really don’t mess with Clubhouse because he feels the FEDS are on there. They talk about the situation with Mike Tyson and Boosie. He’s one of the few Brooklyn rappers that has had Jay-Z and Mariah Carey on records. One of his first deals was with Ruff Ryders for $10,000 and a bag of guns. LB from Runtz was in the building. This is one funny but gangsta ass interview.

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