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Russ is the Epitome of a MWOG

Russ says you have to make good music but music has no rules and it’s all subjective. He put out 11 mixtapes and realized what didn’t work. He dropped one song albums every week for 2 years. He says that no one is trying to listen to an album no one has ever heard of. The strongest co-sign in the world is the people. Russ say he was his only fan before only fans. Russ says he’s gotten PTSD for tryna get on. At the end of 2014 he put out his 11th project and nothing was moving. He did a song a week all 2015. He had fans but he felt that he needed a booking agent. His manager Milan got him to Carol Lewis and the rest is history. Russ says he's down to do business if you’re bringing him the business. Learn to have faith in yourself and your craft even if no one else is. Stay consistent, be as self sufficient as possible but also learn the ins and outs of the game. 

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