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John talks survival on the yard

Adopted as a baby, the L.A. street life is where John wanted to be so at 13 he ended up in the juvenile system and it was a recurring thing. A stick up kid, he got caught for a string of arm robberies by 18. He got offered 36 years and ended up pleading out to close to 10 years. This was on the state level. A member of the Lex Street Gang, once in the system, he got schooled in prison by the old heads because he was soo young. One thing he learned the most was giving respect but also demanding your respect. In prison you’re already established from your street rep so that’s who you clique up with in the system. He was involved in prison gang wars just by association. This was a whole new experience for him. The tension on the yard was eye opening and he had to play his part. He told himself, “Welcome To Prison” From fighting the 3 strike law, to being under investigations, to being in the box, to getting transferred to other prisons, he had to find a way to make his time comfortable. After doing his last 3 years in prison, he came home became a barber, linked up with Baldacci and they started a record label.

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