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Have a glass of Rozay at Club Shay Shay

Ross tells Shannon Sharpe it’s always about the people when it comes to getting the voters out. All his business endeavors came natural to him. He already understood how business operated so he took a chance to take the steps to gamble. It’s all about learning from your mistakes. He put his family on so that they don’t have to depend on him. It was always about honor in his family and having those bonding moments. Jealousy should always be excluded out of the situation. His hustle started as a kid and he always went out the way to make him stand out from the rest. Ross says it’s all about what makes him excited and the numbers gotta be right. A lot of companies try to leverage their time against you and Ross has managed to work around that to his benefit. The success of Ross businesses has been him following his heart and tapping into things that effects him personally. Even though he was great in football his heart was in the music so that’s where he decided to focus his energy. With a great body of work in the music industry, great business endeavors and tons of signs of success, there is no stopping Rozay. 

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