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Chris Tucker steps into Club Shay Shay

Chris Tucker with his unique voice tone enters Club Shay Shay with Shannon Sharpe where he talks about how the effect of 911 has that same feel as the Pandemic. Chris has took advantage of the time and got alot of much needed rest after touring alot. He's big into golf and he ended up getting a coach to better his game. He talks about his friendship with Tommy 'Tiny' Lister aka Deebo, who use to come to his comedy shows. They have been in a bunch of movies together, church and a few golf tournaments. Friday was his break out roll and he had free range to do alot of in the moment and improv stuff. He talks about the power of comedy and his love for John Witherspoon and Bernie Mac, who both passed. After the success of Friday, he was ready to move on with his career and wasn't interested in doing another Friday movie. This is when the Rush Hour franchise came into play and there was no turning back after that. 

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