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Basketball fanatic Michael Rapaport wants All The Smoke

They talk about how much fun the Big 3 was. How passionate Michael Rapaport was going against Trump because of Trumps ideology. He hates the fact that he’s using emotional terrorism and doesn’t appreciate the disrespect. The impact of negativity from the pandemic and soo many people dying from police brutality to rappers dying. They talk about the impact of Black Lives Matter and black on black crime. There shouldn't be any room for hate because there are soo many people from all walks of life struggling. They discuss how horrible the New York Knicks are and how the culture of the “Mecca Of Basketball” has lost its spark. The did into the impact of Ron Artest in the NBA. Mike also talks about falling in love with basketball and how his dad who ran a radio station introduced him to Hip-Hop when the Sugar Hill Gang came out. Growing up in Brooklyn really had a cultural impact on his life and he wears it proudly to this day. He also talks about how his acting and comedy career came together which is crazy.

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