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Ace Hood breaks it all down on Drink Champs

Ace talks about wanting to be lyrical but the industry wanting him to dumb it down to create lyrical records. Now that’s he’s independent he can take it to the plateaus that we want to. He grew up playing football so those are the people he looked up. He actually wanted to be like Deion Sanders and his influence in music came from Lil Wayne and Soulja Slim. There were a lot of Haitian and American issues where he grew up at. He’s from Broward County so he breaks down the difference of it from Miami.  His 'Trials and Tribulations' album was the answer to what he was going through. "Hustle Hard" was the record that he felt like showed that he made it. He breaks down how he got into 99 Jams to meet Khaled and how he signed the deal. Even though he didn’t understand the business, he just knew at that time he needed the money. He never really like the politics, so he didn’t pay attention to the structure of his deal. So it’s a lot about the industry that was turning him off. The issues came into play when the whole Cash Money deal started to go sour for DJ Khaled and him wanting to branch off. There were decisions made without him and it turned him off from Khaled. This is when it was time for him to focus solely on his career.  

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