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Ms Mya makes a visit to the Fat Joe Show

They talk about how DJ Clue put together Best Of Me, Part 2 with Jay-Z which was produced by The Trackmasters. Part 1 was produced by Swizz Beats and featured Jada and the beat was actually for DMX. Having a balance between street singles and pop singles, Steve Stoute made the call for that single to happen. They talk about how she got on Ghetto Superstar on Pras and ODB which was produced by Wyclef. Her very first single was "All About Me" with Sisqo. Residing from Maryland, Mya grew up in the theater and was a musical kid, having a father who was a successful independent music artist. Wanting to pursue a career in theater, her deal came about when a label from DC who had Dru Hill at the time came down to hear her sing and the deal from Interscope came about.

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