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Keeping the Noize Organized w/ Goodie Mob on Drink Champs

"The South Got Something To Say" the infamous line from their lil brothers, OutKast after winning The Source award caused alot of friction after getting booed from New York. The Goodie Mob was on the stage when it all happened. They talk about how Ceelo Green was the first to go solo and how it stagnated the 4th Goodie Mob album. They talk about how alot of things were circumstantial after LA Reid sold LaFace Records. This is when Gnarls Barkley and the Pussycat Dolls records came about. Even after the "break up" the guys were always working on a new album. They are now fully independent with their producing collective Organized Noize. This 4 hour interview has alot to unpack.

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